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License Type: is the most comprehensive combined national inclusive listing of active real estate appraisers on the internet. We maintain listings of nearly 100,000 active appraiser licenses in all 50 states and the District of Columbia as well as the US Territories of Guam, Puerto Rico, Northern Mariana Islands and the US Virgin Islands. With the latest technology, we have combined available data sources including information on the nearly 50,000 active FHA appraiser licenses into one simple, efficient search.

At, our mission is simple: To provide the client with a one-stop national directory of real estate appraisers and to be the first source for real estate appraiser information on the internet . We do not believe that the client is best served by websites claiming to be national directories but which include only a select few appraisers, provide "position listings" or include appraisers who have to pay simply to be listed.

Our Appraiser Listings

IT'S VERY SIMPLE..... If you are an active real estate appraiser, we believe your name and licensing information should be on National Appraiser Roster.

Consistent with our philosophy of a well informed client, we do offer enhanced appraiser listings to highlight information about and services offered by individual appraisers. The enhanced listing options are designed to fit the individual appraisers needs and budgets.

Please Note (Appraisers) is a private company which provides a listing of active Real Estate Appraisers in the US and provides opportunities for active RE Appraisers to highlight their listing information through paid advertising.  We are NOT the Appraisal Subcommittee and we do not have any association with, or control of, the website, the Appraiser Registry, or the accuracy of the information.  As with many other companies, we update our records, including license expiration, based on the database.  If you are having issues with your license record shown on the website, you will need to contact your state or the directly. 

By the Numbers

  • As of 06/06/2019, there are 95,765 active real estate appraiser licenses in the US (Source:
  • As of 06/06/2019, there are 46,904 FHA approved appraiser licenses (Source:

Number of US Appraisers

  • California has the most appraisers with 9,504
  • Alaska has the fewest with 231

Certified General Licenses

  • N Dakota has the highest state rate at 62.42%
  • California has the lowest state rate at 32.00%

Certified Residential Licenses

  • Florida has the highest state rate at 63.65%
  • S Dakota has the lowest state rate at 26.87%

FHA approved Appraisers

  • 53.5% of all Certified Appraiser licenses in US
  • California has the highest state rate at 63.33%
  • S Dakota has the lowest state rate at 35.36